Quieting the Noise & Intuitive Knowing

I was feeling conflicted, distracted, and ultimately a bit stagnant. All signs were pointing to a much needed break!!! Not so much for the leisure, but more for the quiet! I needed to hear my own thoughts, my own wisdom and my own inspiration. I take full responsibility for overdosing on social media and other digital outlets. I convinced myself that what others were doing, I also needed to be doing...monkey see, monkey do!!!

I read too many articles, listened to endless podcasts, followed a number of blogs, and ultimately fell victim to information overload. That's not to say you shouldn't do your research or seek-out knowledge. I think those are important building blocks to all things in life. However, while I was absorbing all this information, I forgot to ask myself whether it truly applied to me. Ultimately, I was taking someone else's journey as my own. 

I'm taking a moment to pause, and currently following my own lead. I take that back, it's actually creativity that I'm following. I've given myself full permission to step away from everything and take a deep dive into creativity. Participating in my own journey is the only way to truly be informed. 

Big Hugs - J


Truth Tellin'

I had to share this gorgeous video. There's so many angles of inspiration in this sweet little story. I can only hope to live with such conviction, wisdom and passion!! What a great example of living and loving what you do. 


  • Normally I'm not phased by winter, but this year I am anxiously waiting for spring!!
  • I've been thinking about planning a trip to Santa Fe next fall. I'm curious about the landscape and the art scene... Any suggestions?
  • Recently I started shifting my perspective around discipline. The hardest part of embracing it, usually dissolves after the first few weeks of engaging it. Once the results start to surface discipline seems less intimidating. It really is just a temporary stepping stone to what you're wanting or needing. Sounds obvious, not so much for me! 
  • I've been practicing the concept of moving SLOW...like literally walking, drawing, cleaning, cooking...doing everything slowly! It's had an amazing effect on me and my surroundings.
  • I went to a retreat last December & one of the best things about it was the interactions. There was a freedom and fluidity to the conversations. An openness that really set the stage for deep connection. I've only experienced this at retreats, but I want to make it an ongoing habit. 
  • Pursuing art & creativity as a business has been one of my greatest joys, while equally my biggest challenge. Way more complicated than I anticipated, but worth it. 
  • I've been thinking about a Spring detox. Normally it's not my thing, but this year it feels appropriate.
  • Come summer I'm spending a month at the beach making art!!!
  • I'm taking a screen printing class with my dad this month. All aspects of this make me happy!
  • I've got a secret creative project brewing as we speak...eeek! This is where discipline comes in to play!!!
  • Over the past few years, my personal growth has been groundbreaking. Some difficult times have proven to be my most monumental. Opposing forces are always working together in the end. 
  • Planning to do a DIY concrete countertop....any tips?
  • I love having the all-access availability to my parents since they've retired. Pretty lucky!
  • Everything will be okay...just in case anyone was needing to hear that. 
  • Perspective, Perspective, Perspective

Thoughts for next time: Creative Flow and Acceptance

Big Hugs - J

Likes + Links

It's been quite a while since I've offered a 'Likes + Links' post. I usually provide a wide variety of links, but today I'm keeping it to podcasts. These audible gems are my go-to companions while working. Also....it's winter, and what better time to curl up with some good stories and hearty conversations!!!

Oh, and I also decided to add a video below. It's a beautiful message of hope from a wise soul, representing the potential for our future. It's our history and our future delivered in one gorgeous speech...I can only be optimistic when listening to it. Hope it fills you up and encourages you too! 

Thoughts for next time: Truth Tellin'

Big Hugs - J

Breaking Tradition...

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday festivities. Can't believe we're in the beginnings of a brand new year. Nothing has changed, yet everything feels changed...the magic a new year can bring. It's that fresh start and opportunity for reflection that solidifies it all. Truthfully for me, that reflection started far before the year's end. I went through a lot of emotional shifts last year, all for the good, but not without hardship. It was because of this that I decided it was time to reassess, rejuvenate and find some clarity. 

I initially approached this by taking time away from any obligations. I simplified my life down to the core essentials, trying to remove as much stress as possible. Some of my challenges were health related, so minimizing the stress was of high priority. The last couple months of 2016 were really devoted to just me, wow, what a concept?!!! I say that sarcastically because I am often (as many are, especially women) guilt-ridden by the thought of taking time for myself!!! Nevertheless, I was committed and knew it was my responsibility. This past year kinda brought me to my knees, and I felt the internal plea to find some peace.

To finalize the year, I was really needing to regain my sense of self. To shed the external and to move deeply internal. For me, that meant sacrificing my time with others and checking out for the holiday season. This is when I decided to sign-up for a retreat; to learn new ways of being, to connect with others doing the same, to devote some time to my relationship, and to simply be ME. It was the best thing I've done in a very long time! It left me feeling liberated, reconnected, strong, open and ultimately grounded within. Empowerment!! That's the word that defines it most, and it's also the word I'll be carrying with me throughout 2017. Cheers!!

Thoughts for next time: Likes + Links

Big Hugs - J

2016...It's a wrap!

Every damn moment is an opportunity for learning, growing, expansion and propelling ourselves forward!!!! Especially those moments that don't feel like it....the ones that hurt the most, the ones that feel the hardest, the ones that turn you upside down and inside out. I've been brushing up against those life shaping moments in more recent years. However, I'm starting to sense a shift in perspective..possibly an indication that a chapter is nearing the end. With that, I've also been feeling a rise in energy, an openness in my heart and an enriched awareness of what really matters. Here's to a New Year and The Beginning of Another Chapter....and to a continued life of lessons that forever challenge my purpose. 

Happy Holidays Everyone! Thanks again for another year, I'll see you on the flip side. 


Updates For The New Year!

These past few weeks have been devoted to clearing the path for next year. There's been lots of organizing, cleaning, brainstorming and ultimately mapping for 2017. My intention is to develop a template to use as reference point when needed. However, I also like to navigate each year with a certain amount of flexibility. I've found that when I become too rigid with my schedule I lose sight of the ultimate goal...to be creative!!  Allowing my creativity to lead the way is the truest route to my authenticity. Which I believe is the best approach to sustaining a business, reaching success and essentially living my best life. 

2017 Updates....

  • More Monthly Prints!!
  • 'All in One'...a week of creating originals, documenting the process & selling that same week 
  • More retail product offerings (local & nationally)
  • Card stock to be available, individually and in sets
  • Social Media 'Giveaways'
  • New rotating blog themes
  • Creative Workshops...would love to offer this by the end of 2017!!! 

Well there ya have it! Thanks to all that have supported me this past year, soooo grateful & beyond!!!

Thoughts for next time: Concluding 2016...it's a wrap!


This year has been particularly challenging for me, although I know I'm not alone. On a national and global level there's been so much violence and hatred, and at a consistency that takes your breath away. With each tragedy, incident, uproar, confrontation, lie, scandal or riot, I've taken time to deeply reflect. With this reflection I've come to the conclusion that we're experiencing the lessons of our past that we have yet learned. We're HEALING; and with that comes truth, denial, hardship, change, rawness, pain and ultimately LOVE. Every time I feel overwhelmed by the world I come back to this concept of healing. If I can view these dark days through that bright light, it shifts my perspective about everything...I feel less dread and more hope! I believe we're always on a healing journey, it's part of our personal experience as well as the grander evolutionary experience. Our culture and societies are shifting, and with that change comes an uprise of conflict. The best thing I know to do, is to support this change in the most positive way I can. Thus far, seeking gratitude has been my reinforcement for staying grounded and having faith that all will be okay. 

I believe I shared this link last year, but it's definitely worth a second share. It's a website with a focus on gratitude and how to find more of it. The video below is story of exactly that. You can find more of the same on the website. Hope you enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving...grateful for all you readers out there!! 


Thoughts for next week: Updates


TRUTH Tellin'

I'm writing this the day after election night and I'm feeling pretty depleted, yet reaching for hope. Letting it settle will take some time. That being said, I thought one of my Truth Tellin' posts would be the perfect outlet for navigating these emotions. Truth be told, I've already started feeling the uproar of empowerment, love and connection through this unexpected election outcome. Especially from women; I've heard them talking in the store, chatting amongst friends, walking kids to school, and seeing the exchange of encouragement via social media. Things are brewing and it's only just begun. Let the healing and empowerment begin!!! 

  • I still stand by the notion that things happen for a reason. It may not always feel that way, but the reason eventually comes full circle. The above paragraph is a good example of just that! I can only imagine what what lies on the horizon...good or bad it all filters out in the form of a lesson. Being open is the key! Let the healing and empowerment begin!!
  • History is on a loop until we receive its message...again and again and again.
  • For the coming new year I will be making community resolutions instead of the usual personal resolutions. Rather than being inward with my efforts, I feel a calling to move outward with my service. 
  • I feel the soft compassion of my feminine energy rising, while equally feeling its strength and vigor!
  • I'll be looking to my creativity to fill me up over these challenging times. 
  • A living room dance party might also be in the works! 
  • A couple weeks back my husband and I made reservations for a mind-body retreat during the holidays. I've despartely been in need of this! Yet, with this recent change of events my gratitude for this opportunity has just amplified by 100!! I can't wait to gain new insight, find some clarity and rejuvenate my spirit... grateful and beyond! 
  • I do hold onto to this one thought for perspective; no matter who won or lost this election, we as a country have soooo many opportunities that others don't. This concept anchors me in the reality of what matters and how I can best utilize these opportunities for change. 

Thoughts for next time: Updates and MORE