The content of this blog…hmmm?

When I first started thinking about a blog I was initially intimidated, yet excited. For me, the intimidation really comes from the responsibility of knowing I need to choose my words wisely. As the internet is a great reminder of how powerful words can be. However, my excitement comes from the potential of sharing and creating connections with people all over the world. Both scenarios represent the dueling sides of social media and the internet. It's a delicate place to be and we can easily forget that (including me). Therefore, I've made a conscious effort to think about how I want to approach this platform. I ultimately hope to shine the light on the positive and bring meaningful content to the surface. 

For the sake of keeping it brief I thought I would break it down into categories. That way I'd spare you my long-winded, dramatic, overly excited-to-share version. Which by the way, if you're reading this I want to thank you for even being here. I'm so excited for the community this blog may bring. Making connections and sharing is such an important part of participating in life. 

So, here it goes:

  • To share my creative experience and process.
  • To share and create a community of various kinds.
  • To share and use this space for the greater good!
  • To share and discuss the importance of a sacred practice & speaking our truth.

Thought I'd also share a speed round on more specifics regarding myself:

I love everything about home-life (interiors, cooking, gardening, projects, hibernating). To counter that, I also love to be outdoors!! I hike, backpack, mountain bike and feel beyond lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest (especially Oregon!). I additionally enjoy traveling but not for extended periods of time. I've come to learn that traveling in segments with breaks in between (big ones) is a necessity. Hence my love for home! Another two loves are music and dancing. I was raised in a home with music playing at all times and of course dancing was a part of that. This is not to say I'm talented in either!! I was briefly a massage therapist and I also went to school for Graphic Design. I lived in New York for a year and Amsterdam for two. I've since determined that living in a city is not my thing. I'm thrilled to visit them but I would happily live on a farm. That brings me to where I am now, which is living w/ my husband and our pup in Portland, Oregon. 

Hope you guys have a great weekend and thanks for showing up!!!