Are you smellin' what I'm cookin'?

Are you smellin’ what I’m cookin’? This will be the official title for my once a month update, regarding my latest projects, news and general happenings. In the future I may start a newsletter but for now all updates will be sent this way. So, based on that here’s the scoop:


·      Currently working on a new batch of fresh wall hangings! These will be a bit more refined in style and design. I’m definitely starting to hone in on a “niche look”. Can I get a yes, yes and a hell-yes please??!!! Slightly excited about that as you can see and the reason for it is my sanity. My brain is in constant overload with ideas and potential projects, so when I have an opportunity to narrow down the madness it’s a good thing!!!


·      I’m in the beginning stages of a project and a challenge. I need to start drawing more and to do that I’m creating a project around the idea of drawing/doodling. In turn this naturally becomes my challenge. I love to draw but I don’t do it enough. I get distracted easily and quickly lose my focus. Soooo, I’ve made the criteria simple and sweet to avoid the possibility of failure. I need to draw/doodle at least 30-40min. each day. There are no specifics regarding the subject matter and it can be any type of rendering. I haven’t given a finish date for this, but when I do I’ll be selling the drawings as prints. Here’s to facing your challenges and I’ll keep you posted in the meantime. Wish me luck!!


·      My Etsy shop is closed for the time being. I may reopen it at some point but for now all things can be found on my website or at my Society 6 shop. This can be reached directly or via the link on my website. I’ll also have inventory in local retail shops soon.


·      Lastly, my hope is to post on the blog at least once a week and I’m shooting for Thursdays at this point. We’ll see how it evolves over time. Until then, I’m looking forward to our weekly chats!


Upcoming Blog-Post Thoughts:

Next week I’m hoping to discuss more about the idea of having a sacred practice. I mentioned earlier that art and creativity are mine (being outdoors as well). A sacred practice to me is defined by an activity that brings you pure joy, a sense of presence and an inner alignment to your true self.


So here’s my question to you, what’s your sacred practice?


Have a good weekend!!