Making and Creating

Personally I think there's nothing more gratifying than making or creating. To see something develop from start to finish is extremely rewarding. It's done so little in the mass market these days, that you can't help but feel accomplished when doing it. There's also that element of using your hands that brings such a sense of satisfaction. It's that tangible, feel your way through it, one piece at a time, kind of pace. The pace that allows you to get lost in time and to be creative. And yes, I think everyone has the potential to be creative! 

In more recent years, people have shown a stronger interest and find more value in making & creating. It's a nice counterbalance to the fast moving world of technology. Yet at the same time certain craft artisans are becoming a dying breed because of technology. I think it's up to us to be aware of such things and to somehow find balance and honor both. 

In keeping with that theme, I'd like to share some references to the world of making and creating. These creative outlets are only a small handful of what's out there these days. In connection to the above paragraph, I do feel that society is becoming more aware of creativity and its importance. It makes me hopeful and encouraged in my own creative journey. I chose these links below based on the creative variation they offer. I think there's a little something for everyone. Hope you enjoy!,, (DIY links), (DIY geared towards kids/family), (online resources for classes),, (creative retreats/camps) (American made artisan contest/promotion) (studio tours & artists interviews)

The video below is not only beautiful to watch, but interesting for the technique that it shares. It's such a good example of how wide the spectrum of creativity can be and the possibilities of our imagination!! I believe the more you create the more you want to explore. 


Thoughts on next week: I've had some personal battles with my health in the past 4 years and I've learned a lot along the way. I'd love to talk about the idea of taking care of ourselves and what that means. I know, another heavy topic, but such an important one! 

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Have a great weekend!