Creative Spirit and Holiday Cheer

Creativity comes in many forms, and we all have the ability to be a part of that. A few words related to the definition of creativity are inventiveness, imagination and individuality. Everyone has some connection to those three words, yet for whatever reason we only designate certain people the honor of being creative. That's crazy to me!!!! Life in general requires ongoing creative thinking. We are engaging in it at all times. The idea of creativity is expansive and covers a lot of ground. If you are one of those people that thinks you're not creative, think again! LET YOUR CREATIVE FREAK FLAG FLY!!!

Keeping with the theme of creativity, I'm proposing you check out my shop! Ha, how do you like that lead in? I'll have holiday ornaments and wall hangings on sale. These goods will be posted on Small Business Saturday, November 29th. If don't make a purchase from my shop, I encourage you to purchase from any small business in your area. It makes such an impact and I promise, it will make you feel good!!! 


The above image is nothing short of a heaping pile of holiday happiness!!! 

Happy Thanksgiving, I'm grateful for your company!