Who the heck are you?!!

The topic I'd love to discuss today is the ever famous, age old, universal question of….Who are you? We all confront this question at different points in our lives and view it from varying perspectives. Personally, this question got called into to my life consistently throughout my 30's (just turned 40 this summer!). It surfaced for many reasons and challenged me about my own self-awareness. It caused me to be ultra aware of my surroundings and to really investigate all areas of my life. As I thought more on this topic I began to analyze not only myself but also the question at heart. For instance, does this question get confronted enough? How seriously do we consider this question when asked? Are there influences that determine our answer(s)? Breaking down the question into other questions only created a deeper look into what that meant far beyond myself.

There I am above giving my best fake smile! Think I still do that occasionally, ha!! In reflecting on this question of who I am I went back to my childhood years. Starting from there I scanned all the major moments of when I might have encountered this question. I actually think it started quite early. I wasn't aware of it in the way that I am now, but it was there. As I got older I became more conscious of it yet totally unsure of it. Leaving me to think about how little we actually discuss this topic throughout our growing years. Maybe I would have been a more confident teenager had I been given the right tools or insight. A life skills course would have come in handy for sure!! Come to think of it, it would come in handy now!! In the end, I believe guidance and discussion on this topic are imperative for early self awareness.

The other issue surrounding this topic is social expectations and outer influences. I've spoken about this before in relationship to my creative journey. There can be many obstacles when trying to navigate life authentically. Expectations, judgement, opinions, family and friends are on the short list of things that might challenge you. It's hard to stand tall and to be confident about who you are when you have people questioning your decisions or beliefs. Society is a force to be reckoned with! If you're not paying attention and thinking for yourself you can quickly fall into a life of uncertainty. Following that template of what is to be expected is a challenge for all of us. This is where self-awareness makes a significant difference. Having self awareness is the driving force to having confidence. If you have confidence you're less threatened by societal expectations and what people think. We're born into this world to be our best selves. You're the only what that knows how to do that!!  

The last piece to this discussion is CHANGE!!! We are physically, emotionally and mentally changing at all times. Especially women, we're like walking science projects! That being said, I think it's sooooo important to consider this when thinking about who we are. We should be checking in with ourselves more frequently. What we believed 20 years ago may not be who we are today. However, many of us become attached to old belief systems not realizing the need for personal change. Recognizing our changes will help in honoring and maintaining who we are as people. Nothing is stagnant, everything is in motion and it's our responsibility to honor that. The minute we start resisting change is when life becomes difficult! The friction that's created in this resistance is STRESS!! The more we recognize change in ourselves and our surroundings the more acceptance we have as a whole. 

Now being 40 and looking back on my 30's (and life in general) these are to THREE categories I come back to when thinking about who I am. I try to be mindful of these things on a regular basis. I look at it like a discipline to keep me grounded!! I'm sharing it with you because it's been a struggle for me. I'm assuming that I'm not the only one and we all need that support!! 

1. Self Awareness

2. Social Expectations 

3. Conscious of Change

Thoughts for next week: 

Next week I wanted to swap stories about the craft artisan world! I love that people are making and creating more these days. Lots to chat about!! 

Have a great weekend!