Traditions & Stuff...

So it's been a strange week over here. The holidays have definitely thrown my focus straight out the window. Plus I haven't been sleeping well, which only adds to the brain fog. Last weeks blogpost was a continuation from the week before, and this week was supposed to be about holiday food and drinks. Well, I've kept my commitment partially. We did make the homemade pizza but didn't get to the drinks, much to my surprise. Thought that would be the easy one!


We decided on a thin whole wheat crust and whatever toppings we could find in the refrigerator. Think we landed on spinach, kalamata olives, and red onions. Turned out pretty good for a trial run, hoping to use more seasonal toppings for Christmas Eve. Doesn't a sweet and savory pizza sound good?!!


The above is a tree farm we've been going to for several years. It's out in the country, it has an ornament shop in an old cabin, a covered area for cozying up to the fire and getting hot chocolate, and even the man himself....sitting in his sleigh on the porch. It's picturesque and has all things you want when it comes to the holidays. Not to mention, it's the one tradition we've actually kept! 

This cute little nugget is part of the same tradition, which is getting the tree and out to lunch. Just seems like an appropriate place to eat after being out in the country. It also has a fireplace and rustic atmosphere. Once we sit down, there's usually a stream of people coming in & out resembling ourselves. They're all wearing hats, gloves, boots and smelling of noble firs. It's one of my favorite days of the holiday season...possibly all year! Do you guys have traditions? I'm a big believer in them! 

Thoughts for next week: More talk on the holidays, traditions and the New Year to come!!!  Due to the holidays, I'll be posting on Monday of next week rather than Thursday.  

Have a great weekend - J