Deck Those Halls!

The holidays are officially underway and that means it's time to get out the decorations. I secretly have a love-hate relationship with this topic. I'm a big fan of the holidays and I enjoy many things about decorating, but I'm terrified of overdoing it!!! I encounter this dilemma in my house often. I tend to be more of a minimalist and have a fear of CLUTTER!! Not literally, but pretty darn close. That being said, I like to choose wisely when it comes to displaying things. 

The items I usually gravitate towards are the ones that have meaning or provoke feeling. Anything handmade would be a good representation of that. I also love family heirlooms, antiques or gifted items. The majority of my holiday decor was given to me by my aunt. She gave me some of my first holiday decorations and some of my favorites to date. 

Keeping with the handmade theme, I thought I'd make a few things this year. I've always wanted to create some of my own personalized decor! I have some projects in mind and even some food and drink recipes to boot. I'll be sharing ideas and photos each week up until Christmas. Would love to hear about any projects, traditions, or recipes you guys have! 

We'll be hosting Christmas eve this year and the first thing that came to mind was the table. Appetizers and finger food are usually what we serve, so there's plenty of room to decorate. Whether it's the holidays or just in general I love using natural elements indoors. The above photo is an example of that. I basically scooped up the backyard and added some decorative flare. I'll place these items on the table from now until the end of the season. 

So the one challenge with my table is that it's small. Conserving space is something I'm always thinking about when serving food and drinks. I know that having trays at varying heights can help with too many things sitting side by side. Keeping that in mind, my thoughts wandered to the backyard yet again. We have cut tree stumps stacked against are fence that I've been eyeing for the past year. I've seen a variety of ideas for stump-cuts online and thought they'd be perfect for this situation. I cleaned it off, let it dry and applied some paint to spruce it up! I created a simple design in black and white so I could use it for other occasions as well. 

I'm always lacking in decoration for the kitchen but like to keep it simple. Again, it all comes back to conserving space, especially the counters. The frame in the above photo had been sitting in the closet for sometime. I thought I could use it to decorate, while also saving on space. Some simple hand lettering and a holiday greeting did the trick. 

Would love to hear from you guys! Holiday ideas and traditions are always fun to swap.

Thoughts for next week: More crafty goodness to go around! 

Have a great weekend - J