Beginnings & Updates

I have to admit, it's been a sloowww start to the new year. Getting back to the routine has been a challenge and then some. The beginning of anything is always the most difficult. Especially when the schedule and outcome are completely self-motivated. It can be a bit daunting trying to navigate a small business. All aspects of what I do require my full attention and detail. Then there's that part where I actually have to be creative and make things, ha!!! In all honesty, it's been a good learning experience and that's how I'm choosing to see it. Just looking forward to the day when it becomes a bit more rhythmic. In the meantime, one foot in front of the other. 

We all have these obstacles in life...keeping motivated, maintaining focus, multitasking and ultimately trying to find the balance. In the end, I think the best thing we can do is to support ourselves. Especially when we live in a culture that creates high expectations of who we should be, how we should look and what we should be doing with our lives. Looking inward is the best place to find those answers. Which is why it's important to nurture ourselves, be gentle and to find that inner cheerleader. Sounds cheesy, but I'm totally going with it. Not to mention that I think it's true. I'm constantly cheerleading my way through the day...lots of pep talks for sure!!! I'm not embarrassed to say that I've become quite comfortable talking to myself and the dog. 


The above photo isn't the best, but it's an example of what I'm currently working on. I'll be finished with a new batch of wall hangings come mid-February. Also, I'm working on lots of illustrations that I hope to have available in the near future. I'll be selling them as prints on the website sometime soon. Lastly, I have many other projects up my sleeve just allowing them to incubate for the moment, can't wait to share! For the next few months I'll be very much in the hands-on stage, so I appreciate your patience.

In the meantime, stay in touch via my blog. I'll be continuing to post regularly every Thursday. You can also subscribe to my newsletter if you don't visit frequently but want to keep current. Social media is another way to peek in on what I'm doing. Feel free to follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest!! 

Thoughts for next week: More talk on taking care of ourselves. What that means to me... Any thoughts on what that means to you? 

Have a great weekend - J