Taking care of yourself and knowing who you are has become a familiar theme here on the blog. I've confronted this topic more deeply in recent years and I don't think it gets the attention it deserves. Unfortunately, we live in a society that praises a fast paced lifestyle. Such expectations don't leave much room for reflecting or taking time for ourselves. It's so easy to get lost in the midst of life happening. Before you know it, social expectations are running our lives and not us. This is where we need to pull in the reigns and make the choice to live our life according to who we are. Over the past few years I have been taking stock in what makes me, me! It's not an easy task to delve into and I think it requires a lifetime of observing, learning and evolving. But, the earlier we start recognizing ourselves the better life we can lead. 

In my commitment to taking care of myself I started being more aware of my surroundings. This has been especially important since I work from home now. Every bit of discipline and motivation must come from me. Therefore, knowing how I function at my best is imperative. I've always had a sense myself but I decided to get more detailed with my daily life. I really took notice of what worked and what didn't. Once I recognized the benefits I knew I had to create a daily routine. This is where taking the time and effort comes in. I think we would all do better with self care if our culture taught & honored it more. Below is a list of my must-do's for the day/week. Now, in honesty these things don't always get done but that's not the point. It's more about the awareness and having that to come back to. Below is a list of what works for me and my life...

Making my Bed in the morning - I'm telling ya, when I don't make my bed everything else in the house goes to hell. Not sure why, just does!

A brief moment of Quiet at some point during the day -This isn't an easy one for me but when I do it it makes such a difference. I don't necessarily meditate but I do a deep breathing exercise. I inhale with positive affirmations specific to my life and exhale all the negatives. Then I sit quietly at the end. It really helps with focus & grounding. I also do Qi Gong which is good for grounding as well. Breathing exercise takes 15min. & Qi Gong 30.

Some form of Exercise Daily - I've always been an active person and I don't feel good without some type of movement. However, in more recent years my headaches have altered this. I've been trying to get my discipline back ever since. I'm currently doing 30-40 min. of strength training in the mornings and a 30 min.walk with the dog. Getting back to running is my next goal!! 

Eating Well - Eating healthy has been a focus of mine for a long time. I do what I can to make home cooked meals and eat without a lot of restrictions & heavy on moderation. To simplify things I make a list every Sunday and shop every Monday. 

Cleanliness and Organization - This is a big one for me! I can't do any work if the house is dirty. A few dishes here and there are no big deal, but if it's a wreck, it's a must. To stay on top of it I clean on Sundays before the week, and on Thursdays before the weekend. 

Having a Routine Bet you saw this one coming a mile away, ha! I'll admit, I love a good routine. I used to think I wasn't one of those people, then I came to my senses. I don't go crazy with it but it does help to have a foundation. 

What makes you function at your best? 

Thoughts for next week: Creative home projects!

Have a great weekend - J