The evolution of house projects...

Doesn't it seem like the surroundings that we live in, change as we do? I've noticed that whenever I'm in need of change or in transition I'll start rearranging furniture. Even major house projects seem to coincide with changes in my life. I recently moved my workspace downstairs which happens to offer more freedom and space. I now feel that I'm getting better organized, more serious and have a stronger sense of commitment towards my work. Where as before I was in an upstairs bedroom that almost felt temporary or resembled a bit of uncertainty. In reflecting on this I realized that was actually the truth to what I had been originally thinking & feeling. Moving to a different space was clearly a representation that I had gained more confidence over the past several months. With this confidence and new perspective I felt that it was time to move to a more appropriate space. I'm now happy as a clam in my new workspace, I might even walk a little taller because of it. It's amazing what your surroundings can do for you!! 

Then there's just the simple need for updates or a better functioning space. Between all of these possibilities for projects and change means we live in an environment that's constantly shifting. Which leads me to my current household projects! Here's the breakdown of what I'm working on: Bathroom remodel (based on function), kitchen nook/bar (functional) and workspace (functional & aesthetics). The last and smallest project is a DIY coat rack. I'm wanting it in my room so I have something for the "catch all" items. For some reason I can't find a good coat rack and when I do they're expensive. So I'm getting handy and I'm going to make one via the repurposing route! I really enjoy the brainstorming and the hunt for materials when making things. Repurposing has become a big thing these days and I've been a longtime fan...l love the challenge of it! I thought I'd keep you in the loop on that and all the other projects as well. I'll share updated posts and photos as I go. The photos below are an example of a few things I've reused/repurposed in my home over the years.

This is some type of old guard rail that I found in the backyard. And yes, this is also being used for "catch all" items. Guess I have a lot of "catch alls!"

I love the rustic look of whiskey barrels and we were in need of some side tables. It was a quick resolve for the function and some added character! 

I found this piece of thick slate in the backyard as well. It's amazing what you can find outside that serves a purpose indoors. Plus, I love bringing natural elements into the house, creates a sense of balance. 

This candleholder used to be the wooden interior to a wagon wheel. The wooden spokes were located where the candles currently sit. Kind of cool, right?

Any thoughts or suggestions on the making of a coat rack?

Thoughts for next week: Sharing some of my current likes and links!