Transformation Thru Creativity

I was reflecting on this year and decided to re-share an old blogpost. The content has even more relevance and meaning than it did when I first wrote it. Reflecting has been a thing for me these days, a good thing. Anyway, have at it...

In a previous blogpost I spoke about the idea of having a sacred practice, mine happens to be art & creativity (being outdoors too). To my knowledge, there's no true definition of a sacred practice but I define it as an activity that provides pure joy, a sense of presence and inner alignment to your true self. 

I've had a long journey with art and creativity putting high expectations on the outcome. In turn causing a lot of pressure and minimal creativity. However in more recent years I've come to learn that it's not about the outcome but rather the process or the practice. As a kid I gravitated towards art because it made me happy, it was as simple as that. Kids are so smart aren't they?!!  It's taken time but I've regained that emotional intelligence I lost as a kid. I've come back to the awareness that creativity is an outlet in which presence exists. What a gift! As a result of this shift in perspective I've since lost those high expectations and pressure I once had. Creativity has found it's way back into to my life again…the way it was intended to be. 

Finding a sense of presence and being in the moment is a challenge for everyone, especially these days. Life is full of distractions, stripping us of opportunities for being present. This is why I think it's so important to find that sacred practice within ourselves. I believe we all have it, we just need to recognize it and honor it. 

The truth of this post has only richened over time. Creativity truly is a portal for me to connect to the greatest depths of who I am. The more I follow it, the more clear life gets!!! 

Thoughts for next week: Updates...

Speaking of, this may be premature but I think I should have all new art posted by this Sunday or Monday (Nov. 1st or 2nd) There ya have it...said it and meant it! Thanks for the patience!!

Big Hugs - J