Likes + Links

Yup! It's time for "Likes + Links," and if you're a regular, you know this is when I share links to various websites and outlets I'm liking!! The first link is to a podcast conversation between Brene Brown and Elizabeth Gilbert. This conversation is sooo darn good! It discusses the importance of creativity and how it resides in all of us. I've talked about this particular topic here on the blog before. I'm a firm believer that each one of us holds our own unique creative abilities. Unfortunately society has tainted our outlook on creativity, and sadly it doesn't receive the respect it deserves. In turn, hindering people from recognizing their own creative gifts. The more this topic is talked about the better chances we have as a society to change the tides. My personal mission is to discuss it here on the blog as much as possible. On that note, please take a listen and hopefully it will inspire and encourage that creativity in you!!!! 

Don't forget to click on the rest of the links below. Lots of good stuff!!! 

Thoughts for next week: Being our own worst enemy!!! Why do we do this?!!!