Worst Enemy or Biggest Supporter?

In the past couple of years, I've been especially aware of my self doubt. Putting myself out there and asking people to like me and my work (literally and figuratively) has been an interesting task. I welcome those moments of vulnerability, but that's not to say it's without anxiousness. What makes it worse is, when I add my own negative commentary. It's crazy that I can spend hours trying to improve or promote my work/self, while simultaneously talking myself out of it...HA!! Sadly, we all do this to ourselves, one way or another. Maybe it varies from different cultures or countries, but I would imagine it's there within all of us to a certain degree. Why? This question I can't answer...human behavior or social influences/expectations...I don't know!!! What I do know is, that we all have soooo much potential that isn't worth hiding. I believe we're more alike than not, so let's all get over it and forge ahead!! Shining that light is especially important during these current global circumstances. I believe we have great strength and potential if we're collectively embodying our authenticity. 

In the end, everything about us as humans is designed to work for us (to support us!). Our bodies are endlessly resilient, our minds are capable beyond our imaginations and our emotions are continuously fueling us with the possibility of insurmountable love. Now how can you doubt yourself with that perspective, right?!! Personally I don't think I can, and that's why I choose this over self doubt. I'm sure I'll continue to have my challenges, but at least I have a powerful reminder and foundation to come back to!! 


Thoughts for next week: mystery topic...honestly, I'm blanking at the moment!

Big Hugs - J