Ok, gonna make this one short and sweet....mainly cause my head feels like a giant watermelon and my nose, a running faucet. First and foremost, so thrilled to finally be sharing my new work in the shop. If you haven't taken a look, please do! It was this last summer that I decided to transition from hand painted wall hangings to illustration/painting. The decision felt comfortable and easy, and before I knew it I was underway with a theme...Gardening! I love to garden myself so it felt natural choosing it as a focus. All in all I'm happy with the outcome, including the endless mistakes made along the way. At this point I am moving forward with a new awareness and a few more tools in the toolbox. 

As of now, I'm hoping to maintain the current inventory for some time, while also rotating in new and relevant work. For example, I'm working on some drawings related to the upcoming holiday season. I also have some card ideas in mind, although I might be a little late on that one. Either way, you can count on new pieces filtering through the shop. I'll also be sure to share updates as I go. In the end, I'm feeling inspired by the completion of this last project. I'm hoping to ride that wave of inspiration in to the next upcoming ventures.

On that note, with all this talk about inspiration, I thought I'd share a fantastic link to a TED Talks video. This speaker shares so much inspiration on so many different levels. She inspires around the idea of creativity, sustainability, design, functionality, community and resourcefulness. I could probably think of more but I'll leave it at that. Enjoy! 

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Big Hugs - J  

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