2015...It's a WRAP!!!

 I was trying to think of something EPIC to end the year on, but I got nothing! I realize that might sound like a downer, but I actually think it's kinda realistic. Now don't get me wrong, I actually love the arrival of a new year, but I don't like all the expectations around it! Yet, somehow I get caught in the hype every time!!! So this year, I'm digging my feet in and standing firm...no resolutions, no expectations, no manifestations, no chosen word...just reflecting on the past year and moving forward from there. With that said, here's what 2015 had to offer me....

  • Improved health!
  • A year of much needed downtime.
  • A summer of creative exploration.
  • Lots of self-growth & inner reflection!!
  • A stronger business sense & overall awareness.
  • A shift in my creative focus which was very needed.
  • Embracing my sensitive nature & feeling more empowered than ever!
  • Implemented and succeeded in a firm but flexible (yes oxymoron), "work from home" schedule!
  • Created a very personal, self care-morning routine, which I've grown to love/need!!
  • Finally started getting consistent sleep...like more than 4hrs!!! 
  • Recognized that creativity is the facilitator to healing, growing and being...YES!
  • Became much more aware of the boundaries I needed & then created.
  • Acknowledged how important, "home" is to me. It really is a sanctuary for so many things! 
  • That I have a lot more liberties than I was giving myself.
  • Change is constant, therefore balance is not permanent, it's just the gauge. 
  • What we think emotionally, we can become physically.
  • Compassion, Compassion, Compassion

On that note...Happy Holidays & Cheers to 2016!!! 

Big Hugs, Love & Appreciation - J