Women Making An Impact

Since having this blog I've tried to be very mindful about the content I share. My hope is to always be contributing to something beyond myself. That's not to say I don't discuss or promote myself, because I do. However, I also shed light on human, social and world issues that stand out to me. One issue that happens to matter a great deal is, the well-being of women. I also have a strong interest in women breaking boundaries, living beyond the status quo and speaking their personal truth!!! Nothing excites, inspires or moves me more than hearing women do and achieve great things. Based on that, I'm starting an ongoing series devoted to, "Women Making An Impact." There's so many amazing women to choose from these days, I can't wait to dive in!!

I'm a big fan and find massive inspiration from the late activist, Grace Lee Boggs. I'm highlighting her for many reasons, but namely, because she "walked the talk." She was a true pioneer for not only women, but for humanity as a whole. Grace Lee Boggs was born June 27th, 1915 and died Oct. 15th, 2015. She received her Ph.D in Philosophy, was also an author, but ultimately lived as a dedicated activist and speaker. She had a center founded under her and her husbands name, the James and Grace Lee Boggs Center. And, most recently had a documentary created about her life, American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs. 

What stood out to me the most, was her confidence and pride in the community. She really spoke a great deal about what "we" as a society could do to make a difference. She truly stood for the grassroots movement and strongly encouraged the idea of it. She was a firm believer in people having faith in their own abilities and communities. I personally try to align myself with her belief system and currently feel there's no better time to be doing so. Globally, the circumstances can feel quite overwhelming, so why not start small. Contributing from a local level feels more tangible, doable and directly affects me (or you). Grace Lee Boggs left such a great legacy and representation of how to give back and make a difference in life.

Below is the trailer for her documentary...check it out! 

The video below is a clip from an interview with Bill Moyers. I love what shares here!

Here's a website to find more information: www.graceleeboggs.com


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