Likes and Links!

There's a couple of blogs that I follow, that routinely update with things they're liking. I've always enjoyed reading these posts and I've found a lot of good insight this way. I also like the idea of sharing and promoting good people and good things. Based on that, I have created my own list of links and things that I like. I don't gain anything by what I share, nor do I have any affiliation. Just like the aspect of sharing...

Click on the links:

  • Great photography and love her writing style

  • Also called Posie Gets Cozy...Love this blog! Delicious writing and photography. She's also a talented craft artisan.

  • A solid food blog with great references and a variety of recipes.

  • Good reference website for restaurants nationwide. Gives the latest updates, maps and review information.

  • This is a magazine and a website that provides great information on design, business and technology.

  • This is a reference website full of info. on flea markets, antiques and vintage shops nationwide.

  • Jay-Z's blog...features art + design, style, music, sports, tech. and leisure.

A while back I watched this video below on TED Talks. That's actually a fantastic reference within itself. If you haven't heard of it or taken a peek you should.... It's a website I refer to often. I'll spare you the explanation, just head over there when you can (!!

In the meantime, enjoy the video below. These days we're inundated with so much negative talk, imagery and STRESS! This speaker sheds some light on how to deal with that.

Hope you enjoyed!

Thoughts on next week: Small and simple matters...

Have a nice weekend - J