We all battle the, "what's for dinner?" question. There's so many components to consider, who likes what, what to make, when's everyone home, how many grocery stores do I need to go to, when do I get the groceries? For me it came down to, how can I condense the amount of questions surrounding this topic and make it easier?

I started with the meal planning and the, "what to make question?" It ultimately came down to simplifying my options. Truthfully, I didn't feel it was necessary to have a different meal every night. I think that's where it can become overwhelming. I basically decided that we'd have two main meals divided into 4 nights. So, that meant Monday and Tuesday we'd have the same meal and Wednesday, Thursday we'd have the same meal. Sometimes I'll double on the recipe so it provides leftovers or I'll make it fresh each night. I leave Friday and Saturday as free days since it's the weekend, and Sunday is always the same, fish, potatoes and a rotating/seasonal vegetable. I got that idea from grandma. She used to have roast beef dinners every Sunday night. It makes coming to the end of the weekend that much easier. Overall, I've noticed this routine saves money, time, and minimizes the stress of it all!! And yes, I also love a good routine, but I swear this makes life better! 

I also have my, easy go to meals when I know it's going to be a busy week. The above photo is an example of one, Polenta with creamed spinach, mushrooms and onions. This is a great one because the polenta cooks fast, stores well for leftovers and it's versatile. There's a variety of ways to serve it and top it. Plus, it's comforting and generally healthy. 

Here's the recipe: 

Making the polenta: 2 cups polenta, 6 cups water or broth - Bring water to a boil and slowly add polenta while stirring. Turn stovetop down to simmer and stir until it thickens to your liking. *I usually stir for about 10-15min for a creamy consistency. For more flavor you can add a hint of cheese   while stirring. 

Making the toppingOil the pan & add, 1/2 of a red onion, cup of sliced mushrooms and cook. Once softened, cool pan and add a cup & a 1/2 of greek yogurt (or you could use cream). Make sure the pan is cool before adding the yogurt or it will curdle. Add spinach at the very end, but don't cook down too much or it will make the sauce watery. Just let the heat from the ingredients slowly wilt the spinach. Fresh chives or dill to garnish adds a nice pop of flavor. 

Seasoning: Salt, paprika, dill, and a bit of cinnamon

Serving size 4 and cooking time: 30 min.

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Thoughts for next week: Working from home & what I've learned...a lot! 

Have a great weekend - J