Small & Simple

I've always been a fan of the small and simple. I think it's partly due to my introverted nature. But I also think it's because of what you can gain while being in that space. Small and simple to me, brings the opportunity for more exchange, more awareness, ease, creativity and appreciation for life. I was trying to think of some examples and Europe came to mind. Yes, there can be some extravagance when thinking of Europe, but there's also a balance with the small and simple. I think it's these qualities that make Europe the quaint and attractive place that it is. The details in the architecture, flowers in the windows boxes, the hand carved doors, fresh handmade baked goods, the unique and long standing traditions...the list goes on! I thought I'd share a few photos from our time abroad. These photos highlight the essence of what small and simple means to me and the difference it can make. 

This was taken in Switzerland in a small wine town. You can walk/hike through the town via the vineyards. I loved the placement of this artistic street sign. If you look closely, there's grapes represented for the vineyards and a man and a woman hiking. I just love this! I actually have this photo enlarged and hanging in our house. It's such a sweet gesture to show pride in the land and where they live. 

This photo above was taken in Germany, it happened to be close to Easter. I love how they took the time to decorate the exterior of the building. There's colored eggs used as garland, an Easter wreath above the door and flowers in the window boxes. This building was an example of the entire town. I appreciate any opportunity to be festive, so visiting this town was really special! 

I'm not sure if I've ever come across a window in Europe that wasn't full of plants or flowers. If you've been, you know what I mean. It's like some sort of rule throughout the entire continent. However it came to be, I'm in full support of it! For something so inexpensive and little effort, what an impact it can make.

For a change of scenery, I thought we'd jump the pond over to Morocco. Talk about beautifying spaces with small gestures! It may look extravagant but it was the simple pleasures that made this trip what it was. The tradition of mint tea served everywhere we went, the small detail of pattern in every nook and cranny, the fact that everything was handmade or handcrafted. This photo was taken in the community space of our Bed and Breakfast. We had our own room but shared this space with another couple when ate. They were also from the states. We exchanged conversation over breakfast a couple of times. I adored everything about this space!!

Here's a few things I do or enjoy when it comes to small gestures and simplicity.....

~Nothing beats fresh weekly flowers. I try to have at least one full vase somewhere in the house.

~Lighting candles in the house or at dinner. Always feels relaxing at the end of the day.

~Comfy blankets make me happy, so I have them placed somewhere in each room.

~And yes, I have window boxes that I use seasonally for plants & flowers. Of course I do, right?    

These are the little things in life that exude bigness! These characteristics make up our surroundings, provide us with ambiance, give us comfort and display all things beauty.     

Thoughts for next week: Food...

Have a great weekend! J