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The videos below are the links I've chosen for the week. I believe they are incredibly important to watch, reflect on, and hopefully inspire you the same way they did me. I won't share too much more and let the talks speak for themselves. Hope you Enjoy...

The below video is a follow up to the first, but just at good! Just as funny too!

I've chosen these two links because they speak to my personal story. I'm sharing them via the Ted Talks website ( and are speeches given by the author, educator & cultural leader, Sir Ken Robinson. His talks have been viewed by millions, so I apologize if this is nothing new. However, I've watched them more than once and continue to be inspired each time! As you have heard, the core of what he's discussing here, is our broken education system and our beliefs surrounding it. He also feels that our current curriculum and school structures are stifling our children's creativity. That we're essentially honoring a narrow idea of what people are supposed to be. The reason these talks resonate so much with me, is because I am an example of what he is speaking of.

I did ok in school but I wasn't the most confident when it came to learning. I definitely fell victim to the consequences of an outdated system. This followed me all the way to my high school graduation. I remember coming to those final days and thinking, "now what?" College didn't fit the mold of who I was, therefore I struggled finding my place. I eventually ended up in community college which saved me. It gave me the option to continue learning while figuring things out. I did complete a two-year degree in Graphic Design, unfortunately I pursued it because I felt like it was the "right" thing to do. In the end it wasn't for me, but I learned a lot and don't regret any of it. From there, I continued to do multiple things: various jobs, traveled, massage school and so on. It was a challenge because I tend to be a pretty motivated and productive person. However, over those years I just felt lost. I also felt the guilt of not following the "proper path" or going to a more "traditional college."

This leads me to the next reason I connected so much with this topic. There's a bigger picture to this educational problem and that's CONFORMITY! I've talked about societal expectations on my blog before. I'm passionate about shedding light on the topic and helping to shift perspective. It's taken me many years to finally break-free of caring about what "I'm supposed to do" rather than what I WANT TO DO. Unfortunately, these cookie cutter expectations are everywhere, not just in the school system. BUT, if there's one place to start making that change, it should be in our schools. The benefits of teaching children to TRULY be themselves would not only help them individually, but it would teach them to see diversity in others. Can you imagine how that would impact our society as a whole, and on so many levels?!!!! It would also spare them the many years I spent doubting my talents or denying who I was. 

Here's a link to Ken Robinson's website. He shares a wealth of information on the site and also has a blog. Hope you check it out!

Thoughts for next week: Are you smellin' what I'm cookin?

Have a great weekend! - J