I've had a change of heart regarding the content of this post. Last week I said I'd be writing about my Spring to-do's. I think I'll get to that next week and speak to something a bit more important. Grounding has been on the forefront of my morning routine for the past few years. It's a method or practice used to diffuse unwanted energy that's been taken on by your surroundings. You do this by rooting your own energy and finding an awareness or presence within. This awareness reminds you of what's important and helps to redirect your energetic alignment. I've been working to make it a regular practice, which has proven to be a challenge at times. However, when I do get myself to sit in that moment, it's truly worth it. I hold onto those feelings as a means of motivation to keep me coming back. Little by little I am finding it to be a familiar and safe place. Especially when I'm needing to deflect outer influences or even my own internal thoughts. 

There's also been a lot of talk about meditation in more recent years, which I think is great! It's a sign that we're becoming a more aware and mindful society. However, if you're a beginner when it comes to meditation, it can be a bit daunting. Sometimes it can take years to truly find the discipline for it. I say this not to discourage anyone, but more for the honesty. I know this to be true for myself and this is why I started a grounding practice. I think it was a great precursor to meditation for me. It helped to encourage my mindset and instill the commitment that meditation can require. I'm still a beginner to both of these practices, but I can attest to the positive impact they make. I highly recommend it! 

There are many options for grounding, visualizing, sitting position, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and evening walking. Anything that helps to draw your mind inward. I really enjoy the rhythmic and active side to Qi Gong. I also do a sitting method, where I visualize myself literally rooting into the Earth. While doing this I often think of being in nature, it instantly brings me to a calm place. I'll then incorporate deep breathing into the practice and sometimes affirmations.Grounding can be such a powerful method to reconnect, release and recharge! 

Thoughts for next week: Finally, Spring to-do's! 

Have a great weekend -J