Working from Home= Learning Curve

This creative business journey has introduced me to one lesson after another. Most of which I've appreciated and embraced, a few I could have done without. As a whole, each one was of course necessary, good and bad. Interestingly, the, "working from home" component has been one of the more challenging lessons. Not because I romanticized it or disregarded it, but because it is ever-changing. Since there's a personal element to my working environment (home & personal life) there's lots of opportunity for changing schedules, interferences, distractions and so on. 

When I first committed to this creative pursuit, I set a goal for year one. It was basically to see whether I was disciplined enough to work from home. I knew it was going to be one of the biggest requirements in making the business function. The creativity was already in place so the discipline and motivation became my priority. I needed to challenge myself on whether I was able to implement boundaries, take myself and the business seriously, getting organized, creating the necessary structure, pooling all my resources, learning how to divide personal life from work life, staging business meetings with myself and setting deadlines, delegating tasks for myself, the role of creative director and being my own self imposed boss. I surprised myself that year, because the discipline actually came easier than I anticipated. However, since that first year, I've had to modify many things along the way. It's all been a part of the learning curve and it is ever-changing, and from that I have become more flexible. SEE, the lessons, they're everywhere!!

I've heard there's an ongoing debate from people that work from home, about how to dress. As you can see, not too concerned. As long as the personal hygiene is taken care of, I'm good! I actually call my sweats my work's kinda true. 

I thought I'd share my workspace...this has also been a part of the learning curve. As I've become more clear on my creative vision and style, my workspace has changed accordingly. I'm additionally trying to develop a sense of interior style for the space itself. At the moment it's looking a bit stale (& it's not always that clean!) but I'm getting there. Just so grateful to have a workspace either way. I feel like a little kid every time I'm in there. Hopefully all of you have a space, place or thing that does the same for you.  

There's so many opportunities to work from home these days, and there are obvious advantages to doing so. However, I would recommend a few things before making that leap.

Here's a few that I had to consider:

  • Are you self motivated?
  • Can you work independently?
  • Are you good at creating discipline & boundaries?
  • Do you have the appropriate space/environment to be productive?
  • Is it the right business for working from home? 
  • Is your family, partners or personal life compatible or supportive? 

Personally I think these are the core essentials to working from home. If you can answer these questions honestly you should be able to get a better understanding of your direction. Hopefully this helps anyone out there and best of luck!! 

Thoughts for next week: My creative likes and links! 

Have a great weekend - J