Spring Initiation

I've always enjoyed a good Spring-to-do list. I'm sure this is no surprise to any of you that read my blog regularly. However, in recent years I've become more conscious of the actual season itself and not just the traditional checklist. I of course still partake in the list-making and the activities that go with it, but now I look at it in a more holistic perspective. Many indigenous cultures lived their lives through the changing of seasons. For the most part, the western world missed out on opportunities to learn from these communities. Although, as I've mentioned before, it does seem like we're turning a corner on our awareness regarding such topics. Individually, I'm ready to dig in and be a part of this awareness as well! 

My list hasn't changed too drastically. It still looks pretty similar to the old one with the exception of a few things. I figure each year I'll learn or incorporate as I go. When thinking of Spring the first word that comes to mind is rejuvenate. I applied this word to my life currently and this is what I came up with... 

  • Cleaning and clearing out (donations and detailed clean) 
  • Plants (plant or cut back perennials, especially grasses to encourage new growth)
  • Food and Meals (transitioning to lighter meals and seasonal produce)
  • Health (add more activity, shed Winter weight, rotating supplement support)
  • Mindfulness (utilizing the chance to rejuvenate my intentions & overall mindset)

I plan to make this a conscious effort with each season that passes. I'm seeking out that rhythm in nature & hope to find the same within myself. I'm just tapping the surface right now but I look forward to learning and incorporating more. Maybe I'll write on the topic again come Summer or Fall. Any lists, traditions or rituals surrounding the seasons for you? 

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
— Albert Einstein

Thoughts for next week: Artists I like!

Have a good weekend! J