care for a poem?

The best thing about having a blog is the ability to share or connect. Whenever I come across something that resonates with me, I often first think of the blog. Because there's such a heavy influence of negativity these days, I really seek out the positive & choose that as a focus. There's a lot out there to be encouraged by! Below is a poem by Mark Nepo who is an author, storyteller, poet and teacher. I had the privilege of taking a workshop with him last year and it was a unique and special opportunity. He read this poem which I thought was beautiful, touching and felt a bit familiar. 

"The Dive"

Brave your way on. You are a blessing waiting to be discovered by yourself. The wisdom waits in your heart like a buried treasure which only loving your self can bring to the surface. And yes, loving your self is like diving to the bottom of the ocean with nothing but who you are to find your way.     Mark Nepo

My response to that poem is YES, YES & YES again!! 


Thoughts for next week: Sharing some business resources I've come across.

Have a great weekend - j