The nitty gritty...

Since I'm still getting familiar with this space, I thought I'd share some nitty gritty on myself. I realize I've provided some insight in my bio and certain posts, but I thought it might be fun to do a more relaxed version...a Q + A type of thing, minus the questions and just the answers. Here goes...


I was originally born in Minnesota & moved to Oregon when I was 5. I now consider myself a die-hard Oregonian and a Pacific Northwester...still have a fondness for Minnesota of course (& miss family w/ no doubt!). 

I just turned 40 last year and turning 41 come August. No complaints on age so far (knocking on wood loudly!)...I continue to feel more at ease with each year. 

I've lived in Amsterdam for 2 years, New York a year and a summer in Rome/Tuscany.

Some of my favorite countries to visit: Norway, Austria and France (outdoors!).

I'm married to a nice young man...literally, he's 4 years younger than me (and he's pretty nice).

I have a dog and her name is Alma. She's a feisty old broad! 

I consider myself a highly sensitive person (& introverted), noises, smells, name it I sense it. Might do a post on this someday, I've had some major life lessons around this topic in recent years. Big, deep, soul searching kind of stuff! All GOOD!

My favorite foods are Indian, Thai, Pizza and pretty much any type of Soup/Salad. I'm also a lover of breakfast, especially on the weekends. I have to be honest, I also love CHIPS...all of them! After reading that, you'll be surprised to know that I'm also a healthy eater...all in moderation as they say. 

I think our biggest task while we're here is to share, connect & grow.

I adore music of all kinds and I love to dance!! I've taken 2 African Dance classes with live drummers and both blew my mind (liberating!). I want to learn how to drum and play harmonica. My husband and I have Saturday Night Dance Parties...just him & I (& Alma prancing at our feet). 

I'm passionate about Social Issues/Change and People.

I love being outside...I enjoy gardening, hiking, biking and backpacking. I want to own land someday...I will own land someday!  

My mom, dad, sister and hubby are my best friends...oops and my dog.

I can talk life and philosophies until the cows come home. Especially as I get older, my interests lie in self-growth, mind-body-spirituality and all things much depth to life.

I'm an "idea" person for sure! I don't just use sticky-notes, I have full notebooks of plans, ideas, sketches, mission statements, mantras, so on and so forth. Editing is my next plan...ha! I like to dream big and I have to remind myself to Do-BIG!!

I enjoy "home" and everything that comes with it. Not ashamed to call myself domestic. Grateful for the roof I have over my head. MY style is vintage-modern-global-hodgepodge...with an undertone of simple living. Lots of "things" make me nervous, I try to keep it minimal while still having a sense of style. 

I want to READ more!! I have about 6 books stacked on my nightstand currently. 

The older I get the more I want to many things and so little time! 

When my sister and I were kids we would watch "Stand by Me" and "Goonies" over and over and over again!

My favorite season is Fall. I live for the days when you can still feel summer but sense Fall just around the corner. That period of time when you start getting excited about wearing a hoodie. 

I'm a believer that CREATIVITY LIVES IN ALL OF US! For me, it's the passion that lights me up, it's my meditation and the outlet I use to grow and know myself better. 

There ya have it! Oh, one last thing, I over use quotes (& exclamation points). Sorry grammar people!! 


Thoughts for next week: PDX & all things good

Have a great weekend - j