Artist Appreciation

Thought I would share some of the Art/Artists that I appreciate and enjoy...

Marc Chagall - Marc Chagall was a modernist and dabbled in a variety of styles. He was known for his focus on Cubism, Symbolism and Surrealism. For me, his work has such an emotional quality to it. It's imaginative, moody, colorful, and exudes everything I love about Art!!! -Marc Chagall (1887-1985)

Joan Miro - Joan Miro was also known for Surrealism and split his time between painting, sculpture and ceramics. I feel that he was ahead of his time in regard to his style. A lot of his work could be compared to current work you see today. His art has a simplicity to it while also feeling dynamic. -Joan Miro (1893-1983)

Beatrix Potter - Beatrix Potter was a beautiful illustrator/author, and I loved her books as a child! I came to love her personality equally when learning about who she was and how she conducted her life . Many of the interests she had, are current interests of mine. She loved being in the country and owned a number of farms and property. She eventually became a devoted conservationist and when she died she left much of her land to be conserved and shared. -Beatrix Potter (1866-1943)

Jill Bliss - This is an artist that infuses her nature-based surroundings into her work. Some of the pieces I really enjoy are her animal figure drawings. She creates line drawings of animals and fills the interior space with a particular scene of various types of plant-life. You'll have to check out her website, I'm not doing it any justice. She's very talented!

Geninne Zlatkis - What I love about this artist is how many mediums she uses to create her work. To me, she's an all around artisan. She does everything from watercolor paintings to ceramics. She also focuses a lot of her work around nature. I'm a big fan of her watercolor paintings...especially anything with birds! Really gorgeous work!

Jennifer-Judd McGee - This particular artist also brings diversity to her work. She does illustration, collage and paper cutting. I love her style and the paper cutting is amazing! Another talented lady!

Below is video from Jennifer-Judd McGee's website. This video shares who she is, but it also highlights the feel of what it means to be an Artist. I really related to it, and I thought it would be nice to share. Plus, it's such a smart alternative to a written bio!! Enjoy!

Thoughts for next week: I might have to give this one some thought...

Have a good weekend - j