Us women, we're kind of amazing!!!

For the most part I end each blogpost with the topic I'll be writing about for the coming week. I do this for you as the readers, but I also do it for myself. I like to have plenty of time to sit with a topic and collect my thoughts. Writing doesn't come easy for me, at least the impromptu kind. I really have to pay attention to how my thoughts translate into written words. Unfortunately, that attention to detail was not in the cards for me this week.  There's nothing specific, tragic or life threatening to speak of, just the regular ebbs and flows to life. 

So instead of my intended post, here's a fantastic alternative! This is one of the more recent Ted Talks that I've watched/listened to. I think you'll enjoy it as much as I did, especially if you're a woman. I found it to be smart, inspiring, humorous and just downright impressive!!! Us women, we're kind of amazing!!! 

Thoughts on next week: PDX and Beyond

Have a good weekend - J

PS: Speaking of women, Happy Mother's Day...especially to all the moms in my life!!!