Coming to a slow...

Coming to a slow is my new mode of operation these days. Honestly, I think that's where I should have been a long time ago. In past years I found myself getting caught in a particular pace that didn't quite work for me (which I believe I knew deep down). Nevertheless, I convinced myself that I needed to keep moving. It was getting sick that brought me to a screeching halt! Like a car going full speed and hitting a wall, the only difference is I was the one taking the hit. I've since learned from health circumstances that my body was trying to tell me something. I realized that day, it was time to start listening! In that listening I have gained a lot of awareness. It's that awareness that has made me realize slower is better, better for me. There's many reasons why this is the case, but I'll save that one for another day. In the meantime I'm reaping the benefits of this slower pace, even down to the small tasks, like folding laundry. I somehow find myself feeling calm, while consciously folding one piece of clothing after another. In previous years this type of chore would caused me to be a bit frantic or impatient. These feelings became a theme for many things, always feeling like I was trying to beat the clock. This fast reality became a vicious cycle, the more I moved in this way the more infectious it became. Little did I know I was going against the grain of who I was. Thankfully my body intervened and told me to STOP! And have, I can now say this slower existence is treating me well. It's where I was meant to be and it's where I'll happily & contently remain....ahhhhhhh. 

I went to the beach this last weekend and I thought I'd share some photos. These images are a perfect representation of where that slower pace has taken me...


Pretty peaceful, huh!


Thoughts for next week: In case you didn't notice, I actually bypassed the topic I was originally going to speak to. I may come back to it next week (it was regarding my creative obstacles) or I may not. I have a couple things in mind. I'll keep ya guessing! 

Have a great weekend! - j