Design in Nature

I've mentioned before that I find a lot of my inspiration in nature or naturally existing things (as I think many artists do). The definition of design can have different meanings depending on the circumstance or topic. In relation to art, I define it as anything with color, texture, pattern and shape (& often function). When you think of it in that perspective, you can find design in nearly everything. However, there's something about nature that offers the most incredible examples of design. To me, it's really the purest form of design. There's also no better place to find patterns or texture! Leaves are a great source for finding unified patterns and rocks are an amazing reference for texture. In my opinion, Flowers are the keepers of all colors! Although, I was recently scrolling for sketchbook inspiration, when I came across a page of Moths. First of all, I never realized that there were so many varieties, and secondly, these creatures embody all colors and patterns. Based on that, they might just tie with the flower for color ambassador!! Honestly, google Moths and be amazed by all the beauty!

In the end, I write this to encourage you to seek out design in nature. Challenge yourself to find the patterns and shapes, the endless colors and textures. The more you look, the more layers of design you'll see. I imagine that photographers view the world in this way. It's such a great practice for staying connected to your surroundings. It also brings a strong sense of gratitude and appreciation for the environment.

Here's a few photos I took!

Thoughts for next week: Sharing some of my creative obstacles

Have a great weekend - j