Studio Time!

I am someone with a lot of creative interests (& general interests) and a believer in trying to explore them all...just not at once!!! Therefore I need to find discipline, focus and organization before attempting anything. A starting point for me is usually editing my thoughts (not an easy task!) which requires a lot of note taking/journaling. I then start playing those thoughts out visually, hence the EXPLORING!!! That's where I'm at currently....I've devoted these summer months to expanding my current interests and style while also experimenting. As much as I'd like to be, I'm not one of those artists that creates on a whim. Because I have soooo many ideas floating around in this big noggin, I have to be mindful about my approach. My process is still very intuitive, however my intuition starts in the earlier stages of sketching and doodling. Truthfully, I think doodling is the key to unravelling my scattered, tangled web of thoughts. There's no better editing process or stress reliever than pen to paper, whether writing or drawing. 

As of lately, I'm working on a number of things, all of which I hope to have available in my shop come Fall. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the curious process of trial and error. I've been playing with new tools, techniques and stretching my comfort zone. I thought I'd share a few of my studio photos. I hope you like what you see, but also keep in mind these are still in the works. By the way, anyone else exploring or experimenting these days? I would love to hear about it! Everyone has their own approach and I'm always fascinated to learn about them. 

Thoughts for next week: Women in Business

Have a good one - J