The Power of Women

The role of women in society has been a slow moving acceptance and evolution. Yet, in more recent years it appears to be making some major head-way. It's not even so much about the acceptance from males or society, but more about how women are viewing themselves. We're taking the time to really evaluate who we are rather than play the role of who we're supposed to be. 

The other major difference is the camaraderie between women. There appears to be more outlets for women supporting women. It feels like there's a rising energy around women connecting in ways they never have before. Over the years women have been depicted as, bitches or enemies towards one another. This force-fed perception is becoming less about the truth and more about an illusion. There's deep rooted meaning in what it is to be a woman. Unfortunately, women haven't always had the chance to fully embrace what this is or even contemplate it. Thankfully, those days are becoming less and less. With this changing of tides, comes a great desire for community, sharing and support. I am forever grateful to be in a time when this is happening in abundance (& a country that allows it) and to contribute positively if I can. That being said, I have some resources and information to share. Some of it is related to women in business, but the majority is basic support and guidance. I consider myself to be one of those women seeking community, sharing and support. Therefore, I'll be including this topic as one of my regular posts. I'm always digging for information and happy to share what I can. Hope you find some interest and possibility in the resources I'm sharing today! 


*Motivational Resources:

(Advocate for women's well being and leadership. She's an author, speaker, blogger & poet.)

(Author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and blogger)

(Author, coach, speaker, blogger)

(Author, coach, speaker, blogger)




My apologies for yet another TED Talks video!! I can't help it, it's such a good resource for inspiration...enjoy!! 

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