Likes and Links

These likes and links are totally random and I'm hoping I'm not repeating anything. Enjoy.... there's a little something for everyone & don't forget to click on the links!! ( Flora Bowley is an artist from Portland, who not only creates fantastic art but also facilitates creative/intuitive workshops. She has a beautiful studio and receives rave reviews on her workshops.) (A school for various classes/workshops, ranging from block printing to foraging. It's located in the scenic Columbia River Gorge, just outside of Portland.) (A great website for all things food!) (Ok, so this has been around for a while but I thought to share it anyway) (This may also be old news to some but what the heck! It's an outlet where you can print your own wallpaper, fabric and wrapping paper designs. I came across it a few years back and I'm dying to put it to use.) (I'm sure you guys have heard the saying, but here's a resource to find locations. It's a pretty cool website!) 

Thoughts for next week: Summer Wish list! 

Big Love! - J