Keeping Motivated, BALANCE & then some

I've determined that keeping motivated is the biggest challenge with solopreneurship. Because of this, I've taken a deeper look into what motivation means to me. On a day to day perspective it really comes down to balance. Where I stand on that spectrum of balance is the true indicator of how motivated I am. And let's be honest, this is really the truth for anything in life not just entrepreneurship. However, I don't think I have ever confronted this topic more intensely until starting this creative business. I guess it just comes with the territory. 

Related to the idea of balance, I've heard people in more recent years doubt that it even exists. I've thought about this a lot and my conclusion is that it does. BUT, I don't think it's a place of permanency. As I've mentioned before, I believe there's a spectrum to balance and it's there for us to utilize as a gauge. There's a constant, ever-changing movement to life so it seems unrealistic to believe we'd stay in one place. Therefore, I think accepting the idea of ebbs and flows is more important than maintaining balance. Once I started implementing this concept myself, I soon let go of the expectations and pressure around balance. It's like our weight, it's nearly impossible to stay the same weight day in and day out. Yet, what is possible is to know what makes us gain or lose weight. When we have an awareness with our surroundings we can better manage where we sit on the spectrum. Now, this may be a lame analogy but it really makes sense when you relate it to the concept of balance. It makes it feel a bit more likable and maybe even practical. 

In a nutshell, that's where I've been for the past couple of years. Learning to view balance in a much looser perspective and determining what encourages or discourages it. Ultimately, I think everything I have mentioned above has given me the ability to know myself more intimately. However, the other thing I've taken away from this is....TO JUST BE EASY ON OURSELVES. That spectrum I've been speaking of, is essentially our lives, it's big, unpredictable, precious and full! And these days it's moving fast, so be kind to yourself and balance will be sure to follow. 

Thoughts for next week: Looking back at 40 and hello 41! 

Big Hugs - J