Owning My Sensitivity...

I've been a deep feeler for as long as I can remember. I not only feel my own emotions intensely but I sense them from my surroundings as well. It wasn't something I fully recognized as a child until outer influences started bringing it to my attention. Unfortunately, it was translated in a negative way, like it was something shameful. Of course, being sensitive you're that much more impressionable when comments are shared, especially as a child. It was in those moments that I started detaching myself from my sensitivity or least that was my intent. 

For many years I put up a facade of being something other than myself. Trying to act like I didn't care or wasn't affected by things. With time, I eventually started believing my actions which only made matters worse. Sadly, in that neglect I began to lose myself and identity. To ignore my sensitivity was to choose a stressful existence. It's like a fish traveling upstream rather than down, it's exhausting! And, it was that exhaustion that made me stop and reconsider everything. I'm a believer that the truth will always be revealed and in my case it was through my body. My physical symptoms were a consequence of my actions, decisions and ultimately neglect. My mind and body were desperate for attention and RESPECT! 

To make a LONG story short, I've been reconnecting with what it means to be a sensitive person. I have claimed it as my own and I'm learning to navigate the world in this new light. From a societal standpoint, you wouldn't think of sensitivity and empowerment going hand in hand, but they absolutely do. The more I accept this part of myself the more empowered, confident and liberated I feel. And, it's this exact truth that speaks to the bigger reality, that we all need to be aware, accepting and respectful of who we are. Once we find that compassion for ourselves we're more capable of finding that compassion for others. It all seems to come full circle, beginning with ourselves...I can attest to this in my own personal experience. I can also say, that riding the current is a hell of a lot easier than battling upstream!! Cheers & support to all the Highly Sensitive People and Introverts of the world! What may feel like your biggest challenge may actually be your greatest gift. 

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