Creative Exploration

Back in late Spring I told myself that the Summer would be devoted to exploring creatively. I'm constantly churning out ideas and I needed some time to reign everything in. However, to do that, I first needed to explore and let go. I've been trying out new art supplies, different materials and playing around with a slew of styles. I don't know if I'll ever truly commit to one particular style, outlet or niche (which is breaking the rules in the creative world) but I do need to settle on something long enough to focus and complete work. Thankfully I'm rounding the corner and reigning in some of those ideas.

However, I have to say it's not all been easy. I've gotten in the way of my creativity several times, adding unnecessary mind-chatter and negativity. There's so much imagery to be inundated by and opportunities for comparing these days! If you're involved with technology at all you'll know what I mean. Sharing your creativity invites it's own type of intimidation, without factoring in technology. When I was in school for Graphic Design we had critiques at the end of each assignment. As much as they were helpful, they were also challenging to swallow. The only thing you can do in those moments is to quiet yourself and come back to what you know intuitively. I'm trying to take that same approach with my current situation. It's a slow and stewing process but I'm getting there.

That brings me to where I'm at today. Things have changed from the last update, but that's the nature of a new business. Here it is in a nutshell, I'll be switching gears and working on illustrations (originals and prints) as a primary focus. I'll also be offering paintings in rotation or on occasion. As for the wall hangings, they'll be on hold while I do some intense revising. I just need a bit more time to ruminate in the conceptualizing process! With a bit more exploring and a few added skills, things should come together. I'm excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and I'll be sure to keep you up to date. In the end, I'm thrilled to be moving forward with a fresh new path and fun things to offer! 

Ok, I couldn't hold off much longer without sharing another Ted Talks. And yes, it is another Elizabeth Gilbert talk!! She's so good in all ways. This touches on creative genius, but I think it's really about the genius potential in all of us. It's that possibility of aligning ourselves just right, and the outcome that it could bring. She has an interesting take on it, something worth  listening to for sure. Hope you enjoy!! 

Thoughts for next week: Your Allies, Your People, Your Dream Team

Big Hugs - J