Finding Your People...

About a year ago I went to see a life coach/intuitive. With some of my more recent transitions and past health issues it was time for some outside perspective. At the end of one of my appointments this life coach sensed that I would be attending a gathering. She believed that in this gathering I would find my people. I left that day not knowing what that statement meant or if it really applied to me. Well, shortly there after I realized it did and in a pretty major way! When I turned 40 last year, I chose to go on a retreat. This was a spiritual retreat in the non-traditional sense...something I'd been drawn to for a few years. This ended up being a life changing experience for so many reasons. My husband and my dad unexpectedly tagged along which made it even more special. I'll have to write a separate post devoted solely to this some day. In the meantime, I'll share a relevant situation from the retreat in connection to this post. It's something I think about often and it shifted my perspective on relationships forever. 

All of the attendees of the retreat (850) were in one large room listening to a yoga teacher share her insight (Seane Corn). She asked us to stand up and interlock arms while scanning the room. She wanted us to acknowledge our experience that week, the things that we shared and the unified compassion that we felt for everyone and everything. She then said to look around and know that these people were our tribe...our people! I was immediately called back to my life coach and the statement she had made. It was almost the exact same sentiment. Not only did I recognize those words but I deeply felt their meaning. All week I had felt intense emotion for this particular experience but also for the people around me. There was a sense of ease, understanding and overall kindness that seeped into every encounter or interaction. Tears streamed down my face as all 850 of us stood woven together...POWERFUL would be an understatement. 

In an ideal world we'd ALL be lifting each other up no matter who, what or where we were from. Unfortunately, life and people have yet to evolve to this full understanding and acceptance of one another. That's why it's imperative to find the people that do accept you. To find the people that elevate you in the same way you elevate them. If all goes well, maybe some day this chain of events will eventually lead to all of us interlocking arms as one people. 

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Big Hugs - J