Finding the Time!!!

I've had to get serious about my time and how to manage it over the past couple of years. As my business has changed, so has my routine. I've had to reconfigure how I live and work in my home simultaneously. I know it may seem easy from an outside perspective, but it can be rather tricky. There's been a lot of trial and error experiences, strategies and decisions. I anticipate more changes to come, but in the meantime I have a template in which I rely on. I've also come to learn that flexibility is mandatory and even more important than the routine itself. Once I realized this, everything seemed to come together. 

Here's a list of my go-to guidelines for time management. I'm no expert on the matter, but maybe they'll be of use to you too. I think they could apply to most people or situations. Take a peek...

  • I do a weekly head-dump and unload everything on paper. I then edit and downsize priorities to half of what I originally wrote. 
  • I create end points, dates or "within the week" time frames.
  • I write things down in various locations where I can see them. I've got a computer calendar and organizer, a cork board in the office and workspace, and sticky notes that are endless.
  • Pre-Plan, Pre-Cook and Pre-Organize whenever possible. Pre, Pre, Pre!!!
  • Remove Expectations...Flexibility!!! This has been so BIG for me.
  • Those things I'm most challenged by....Remove the mental and bring in the physical! I act before my thoughts can get in the way. I think we can all agree, this is a tough one!!
  • ORGANIZATION....this is HUGE
  • Clear communication with those around you. Helps in avoiding confusion, confrontation and overall time consumption. 
  • Setting Boundaries...recognizing your time and placing value on it. HUGE!!
  • Be consistent when possible. Before you know it, it becomes a natural part of your rhythm, behavior and even body language. 
  • Be realistic!!! Can I manage everything I'm doing and still have a good quality life? 

These are all things I continue to work through. Again, I don't claim to be any guru, I just recognize the fast pace we all live these days. Trying to maintain our daily lives can be a challenge, let alone finding the time to enjoy it. I often come back to the concept of simplicity whenever I get overwhelmed. We humans seem to complicate our surroundings! For me, simplicity has been a good reference to bring me back to reality. Maybe there's something out there that does the same for you...

Thoughts for next week: UPDATES

Big Hugs - J