I've been on a whirlwind tour of different art styles, materials, supplies and techniques. In one of my recent blog posts I mentioned that this last summer was devoted to creative exploration. I'm really grateful to have had this particular time. I definitely gained some clarity and direction, although I can't promise a straight and narrow path or specific style just yet. I'm still growing in that area, but I did gain some perspective on my current "in the moment" status. 

As I've stated before, my wall hangings will now be on hold. I really want to work on them behind the scenes. I think they have some great potential but in need of some fine tuning. In the meantime, I've been working on my illustrations and paintings. My chosen theme is "gardening". I'm a big fan of the outdoors and I love playing in the yard. As of lately, I've been knee deep in gardening and landscape references. I've collected some really fun and unique images for drawing inspiration. I'm finishing up the last of my sketches and getting ready for the final layout and drawings. This is the period of time where I start feeling giddy and excited!! I can finally start seeing my ideas come together. It's also a time where I can relax a bit more in the process. Most of the labored work is behind me, now I get to be more creative with my techniques. I'm super excited to get these finished and out to you guys. I'm looking at mid-late October (23rd) for everything to be up and available in the shop (eeek). I sooo, appreciate your patience!! Below are some very rough sketches of the garden illustrations. I also posted some sketches you may have seen on Instagram. I'm kind of liking the style and thinking about what I could do with them. Any thoughts? Cards maybe...


Thoughts for next week: Home Projects & More

Big Hugs - J