House Projects

Way back when, I mentioned that I'd be doing some house projects!!! I also said that I share the updates or progress. Welllll, it took me much longer to do the projects than predicted and even longer to share them...tis the nature of life, right? That being said, I think I'm finally at a point where I can share some photos. However, don't be fooled....most of what you'll see still needs final touches. It really is amazing how projects develop and somehow GROW over time!!!! 

We use this room as a sitting room for reading or watching tv. The major changes that we made, were the bookshelves and the room color. We actually painted both upstairs rooms the same color. Not sure if you can tell, but it's actually a faint pink...this was a big unknown for "the hubs!" Much to my surprise (& his), he actually liked it. We made the bookshelves via Home Depot. Bought some inexpensive Pine for the shelving and L-Brackets for the hanging, and viola! Couldn't get any easier or cheaper than that. 

Wider view of the room!

Unfortunately I don't have any before photos, but you can trust me, this is a big improvement!! We gutted the bathroom with the exception of our bath/shower. Our home is more of a Craftsman Style home, so we tried to maintain that integrity (clean & simple). We were also conscious of the environment during the remodel process. We try our best to think sustainably when incorporating new items into the home. 

That mermaid is probably my favorite addition to this remodel!! It was also the cheapest addition by a landslide!! Got it at Hippo Hardware here in Portland...a local gem!

This door was an unexpected piece to the project. Half way through I suggested this particular concept as a possible resolve for our small bathroom. This is our main bath, and the door always sat in front of that cabinet you can see in the photo. This new door helped to create more room and a better functioning space. We found the door at the Rebuilding Center here in Portland. When we brought it home we realized it wasn't long enough. We decided to add length to it, sanded it and painted. We then added a kick plate to hide where we joined the extra piece of wood for the length. We bought the track hardware at home depot, which was reasonably priced and good quality. In the end, it honestly feels like an original piece to the house...we really love it!  

This is our upstairs room that we use as an office space. I'm a visual person and I need reminders everywhere...hence the cork boards. I've been wanting these forever!!! We bought these cork sheets at home depot that came attached to thin pieces of plywood. For more strength and durability we added an extra backing with some adhesive. Lastly, we secured the edges with a frame and low and behold we have, "his" and "hers" cork boards. Apparently someone is using their cork board more than the other. 

This last one is still very much in the works. I've been wanting a coat rack in our room for sometime. Thought it would be nice to have as a "catch all" for random pieces of clothing, bags and hats...this is where we're at so far. Decided to go with a shorter one to disguise it behind our dresser. Planning to paint it and add hardware. Should be finished with it soon, I'll try to share photos by next week!!! 

Well there ya have it. Hope you enjoyed!! 

Thoughts for next week: Mystery Topic (aka- can't think of anything at the moment!)

Big Hugs - J