Stretching my legs...

I recently wrote about recognizing that I have more liberties in life than I allow myself. I think this is the case for many of us. It's so easy to follow the beliefs that we were given or that came before us. However, it's also natural to move forward, to evolve and change with time. This to me feels like the essence of life, to live, learn and transcend from one generation to another. Sometimes this is a hard concept for people to accept, as change is not always easy. Yet, breaking free from old molds or standards will only encourage growth and nourishment for our communities, children, the environment and our own personal journey. This is exactly where I'm at in my own life. I'm growing beyond what I knew to be true and implementing what I now know to be true. I essentially have one foot in and one foot out, as it's a slow process. A process I've learned to be patient with (a tough lesson). Each time I tempt myself to move farther and wider, the more confident, curious and aware that I become. I wish this for everyone, as it's sincerely a humbling yet liberating feeling. What's most exciting is, I think I'm just touching the surface of what's yet to come!! 

I would love to hear from you guys! Are you in a similar place? Do you feel like you're growing & evolving? What does change feel like to you? 

Thoughts for next week: Post #2 for the series, Women Making an Impact

Big Hugs - J