Are you smellin' what I'm cookin'?

It's been a while and it feels good to be back. Happy "official" New Year by the way!! Hope everyone had an enjoyable past few weeks. The busyness of the holidays can sometimes make me feel like I'm holding my breath. By the time New Years rolls around I'm ready to RELEASE and start fresh. That's where I've been for the past few days, so far, so good! 

As I mentioned in my last post, I don't have any resolutions but more reflections from the past year. To be honest, I think I'm still processing everything that happened. Last year was a big year for learning from a personal perspective and from a public/business perspective. Moving forward, I'm hoping to continue that momentum but with more clarity and definition. That said, I thought I'd give you a peek at what the momentum for this year might look like. 

Here's a look:


  • A rotation of monthly prints (1-2 prints ea. month)
  • Original work offered on occasion
  • Paintings of various types
  • Projects involving block printing
  • Small textile wall hangings
  • In-House Studio Sale
  • Local retail offerings
  • Possible workshop availability 


  • SERIES: Likes + LinksWomen Making an Impact, Honoring our Creativity
  • More highlighted videos
  • Without a doubt, more Truth-telling!!
  • More interactive posts (possible videos from me, exercises, challenges & campaigns)
  • Creating a community!! 


Thoughts for next week: First post on, Honoring our Creativity

Big Hugs - J