Playing off the top of my head and sharing the first thought that comes to mind....Duality. There it is, the topic of this weeks post. It's actually not such a surprising word to enter my mind. My personality is always swirling to the motion of duality. I think we all have these counter aspects to who we are, maybe some more than others. As I get older, I've realized how much life really thrives in this yin and yang rhythm. When you think about it, everything seems to have elements of duality. What's really shifted for me is seeing those two sides as a partnership rather than an opposite.

Since gaining this perspective I've sensed more ease and flow in my life. I feel like I have a better understanding of balance. It's not so much about seeking that optimal point in the center, but more finessing and appreciating both sides. An example would be my analytical side in conjunction with my creative side. When properly utilized these two sides are a beautiful match for complimenting each other. It takes discipline and an awareness, but I've slowly started integrating this concept. I've come to learn that when one personality trait starts overriding the other, it's time to reign it in. It's also allowed me to feel less heavy when life presents challenges. As the old saying goes, "you can't have happy without the sad." It's truly how we propel ourselves forward and learn the lessons we're intended to learn. It's what keeps us from complacency, urges us to make changes, keeps us thinking deeply and ultimately encourages us to embrace who we are.

Once I began getting clear about my own duality, I started having ephinanies about how it worked universally. It's infused in the making of everything; nature, animals, people. That being said, you'd think humans would be better at living through this same knowing. It's not about melding the two sides, but more about respecting the differences. Whether it's finding respect in your own differences or in someone else's, it all matters. To welcome that respect is to encourage the natural flow of life. This is where the magic lives! 

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Big Hugs - J