This year has been particularly challenging for me, although I know I'm not alone. On a national and global level there's been so much violence and hatred, and at a consistency that takes your breath away. With each tragedy, incident, uproar, confrontation, lie, scandal or riot, I've taken time to deeply reflect. With this reflection I've come to the conclusion that we're experiencing the lessons of our past that we have yet learned. We're HEALING; and with that comes truth, denial, hardship, change, rawness, pain and ultimately LOVE. Every time I feel overwhelmed by the world I come back to this concept of healing. If I can view these dark days through that bright light, it shifts my perspective about everything...I feel less dread and more hope! I believe we're always on a healing journey, it's part of our personal experience as well as the grander evolutionary experience. Our culture and societies are shifting, and with that change comes an uprise of conflict. The best thing I know to do, is to support this change in the most positive way I can. Thus far, seeking gratitude has been my reinforcement for staying grounded and having faith that all will be okay. 

I believe I shared this link last year, but it's definitely worth a second share. It's a website with a focus on gratitude and how to find more of it. The video below is story of exactly that. You can find more of the same on the website. Hope you enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving...grateful for all you readers out there!!

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