TRUTH Tellin'

I'm writing this the day after election night and I'm feeling pretty depleted, yet reaching for hope. Letting it settle will take some time. That being said, I thought one of my Truth Tellin' posts would be the perfect outlet for navigating these emotions. Truth be told, I've already started feeling the uproar of empowerment, love and connection through this unexpected election outcome. Especially from women; I've heard them talking in the store, chatting amongst friends, walking kids to school, and seeing the exchange of encouragement via social media. Things are brewing and it's only just begun. Let the healing and empowerment begin!!! 

  • I still stand by the notion that things happen for a reason. It may not always feel that way, but the reason eventually comes full circle. The above paragraph is a good example of just that! I can only imagine what what lies on the horizon...good or bad it all filters out in the form of a lesson. Being open is the key! Let the healing and empowerment begin!!
  • History is on a loop until we receive its message...again and again and again.
  • For the coming new year I will be making community resolutions instead of the usual personal resolutions. Rather than being inward with my efforts, I feel a calling to move outward with my service. 
  • I feel the soft compassion of my feminine energy rising, while equally feeling its strength and vigor!
  • I'll be looking to my creativity to fill me up over these challenging times. 
  • A living room dance party might also be in the works! 
  • A couple weeks back my husband and I made reservations for a mind-body retreat during the holidays. I've despartely been in need of this! Yet, with this recent change of events my gratitude for this opportunity has just amplified by 100!! I can't wait to gain new insight, find some clarity and rejuvenate my spirit... grateful and beyond! 
  • I do hold onto to this one thought for perspective; no matter who won or lost this election, we as a country have soooo many opportunities that others don't. This concept anchors me in the reality of what matters and how I can best utilize these opportunities for change. 

Thoughts for next time: Updates and MORE