Updates For The New Year!

These past few weeks have been devoted to clearing the path for next year. There's been lots of organizing, cleaning, brainstorming and ultimately mapping for 2017. My intention is to develop a template to use as reference point when needed. However, I also like to navigate each year with a certain amount of flexibility. I've found that when I become too rigid with my schedule I lose sight of the ultimate goal...to be creative!!  Allowing my creativity to lead the way is the truest route to my authenticity. Which I believe is the best approach to sustaining a business, reaching success and essentially living my best life. 

2017 Updates....

  • More Monthly Prints!!
  • 'All in One'...a week of creating originals, documenting the process & selling that same week 
  • More retail product offerings (local & nationally)
  • Card stock to be available, individually and in sets
  • Social Media 'Giveaways'
  • New rotating blog themes
  • Creative Workshops...would love to offer this by the end of 2017!!! 

Well there ya have it! Thanks to all that have supported me this past year, soooo grateful & beyond!!!

Thoughts for next time: Concluding 2016...it's a wrap!