Honoring Our Creativity

Definition of Creative: 

  • Originality of thought, expression and imagination
  • Having the ability to make new things or think of new things

To those that are new or maybe needing a reminder, "Honoring Our Creativity" is a series that I just started. This is the second post of the series, you can find the first post by scrolling through my blog-feed to the right. Personally, this series is near and dear to my heart, but truthfully I think it's near and dear to all of us. Above, I've written the definition of "creative" and I believe that we all fall under its description. However, our society doesn't seem to uphold this definition, nor honor its importance. Creativity is greatly undervalued and sadly not encouraged enough. I'm sharing this video below to set the stage for a perfect example of why this needs to change. I've shared this video more than once because of its incredibly powerful message. What Ken Robinson speaks to in this video is essentially a familiar story of my own childhood/academic experience. I'm going to guess that it could be your story as well. My creativity was not only hindered, but it was stifled for many years to follow, because of lack of support. This is why I'm highlighting the topic of creativity and also sharing this particular talk. I said this in my last post and I'll say again.....we all have the innate ability to be creative. What comes with that creativity is our own original, soul expression. It's creativity that allows us the opportunity to be the unique individuals that we are. We're losing as a society but namely as people, when we're not encouraged to be creative. 

Thoughts for next week: Truth-Tellin' 101

Big Hugs - J