Truth Tellin' Yo!

  • I'm 41 and I've never felt more aligned with who I'm meant to be! Although I still feel 12!!
  • I think younger people are quite smart (& evolved) and don't get the credit they deserve.
  • Everyone should be required to take an African dance class...pure joy & liberation!!!
  • I believe that there's more good than bad.
  • I prefer savory over sweet, although you won't find me passing up a cookie.
  • Music is everything!!!! My first record (yes record) was Thriller, Michael Jackson.
  • The news/media has too much influence on our thinking, in turn our feelings towards the world/life.
  • I will always love traveling, but HOME is my sanctuary.
  • Life has more depth than our society promotes or encourages.
  • I enjoy a good beer(s)!
  • I stayed in an Italian B&B on an island in Thailand...who woulda thought?
  • My clothing style is a solid mix of Tomboy/Feminine...A little frill with a hint of sass!
  • I believe we all consist of matter (energy). How we use our energy impacts everything we do.
  • CHANGE is at the core of all things, the sooner we accept that, the easier life is.
  • Being outdoors makes me beyond happy!! 
  • Call me strange, but I love manual labor...I like working with my hands and tangible outcomes.
  • I'm fascinated by the behavior of people & the dynamics of relationships. 
  • I think women embody and represent so much more than we've been allowed. The world will improve as women prevail and break boundaries in society.
  • Having a farm is marked somewhere in my DNA...I just feel it!
  • Recognizing my sensitivity has opened the flood gates of my awareness. 
  • Traveling to India is somewhere in my future.
  • My biggest wish is to make a meaningful impression while I'm here on this planet. 

Thought I'd share a photo to put a face to my thoughts, plus, I never share photos of myself!

Thoughts for next week: Women Making an Impact

Big Hugs - J