Honoring our Creativity

This is post #3 of my series, "Honoring our Creativity." This series is all about the importance of valuing our creativity. Honoring the process, the outcome and a whole lot more. As I've said before, creativity lives in all of us, holding different meanings for different people. Yet, there's a common thread strung through each persons experience, which is personal expression. Expressing who we are, whether it's privately or publicly is incredibly important for the soul...I believe this deeply. These women below give perfect examples for the necessity of self expression through creativity. As a byproduct of self expression, these women also share how creativity heals and provides growth. I have no doubt that this has been the case for me. Please enjoy the videos below. Also, don't forget to catch up on previous posts. You'll find everything by scrolling through the blogfeed to the right. 

Thoughts for next week - Women Making an Impact series

Big Hugs - J