Truth Tellin' Yo!

This is one of those weeks that I've decided to pass on my original writing topic. I've had a cluttered mind these days and focusing hasn't been the easiest. Which is why I thought a little truth tellin' session might be ideal. I created one of these posts a few weeks back and I loved doing it. It's basically me rambling, getting things out in the open, one bullet point at a time!! Guess you could call it an open-face journal! It's also a simple means to me sharing and connecting with all of you. 

  • I'm more ready for the arrival of spring and summer than usual, although, fall is my favorite season.
  • I have the strangest feeling that something big is around the corner??? What?? Who?? When?? Not sure!
  • I've been craving quiet these days....lots of it!!!! 
  • I think there's traveling (sightseeing, tourism) and then there's vacation (leisure). Traveling I've done, vacations not so much...I think that may need to change!!! 
  • I believe simplicity is the answer for so many things. 
  • I find myself reversing some of the things I've learned over the years. As I've gotten older I've realized that society and its influences can be quite dishonest and illusionary. In more recent years I've been empowered by new ways of thinking, doing and living. 
  • I spent a summer in Italy and I became good friends with an Italian grandmother, her name was Fulvia. She didn't speak much English & I didn't speak much Italian, but somehow we had the best conversations. 
  • I'm still not sure about social media, kinda bitter-sweet. Although I am totally inspired by all the talent! 
  • Both of my parents recently retired, and nobody warns you about how strange it is. My sister and I have had conversations about how we've had to adapt to this new lifestyle. It's such a major shift in the dynamic of a family. In the meantime, they're having a blast (which I'm grateful for), so much so, that they bought a beach house. Crazy kids! 
  • I'm back to not sleeping much (like a few hours a night) and it's mind numbing...I've tried every remedy out there. I mean everything!!!! Despite the struggles, I still feel positive it will soon pass.
  • My favorite spring veggie is asparagus. It's good in dishes, as a side and even as a snack. 
  • I believe creativity opens my mind in ways nothing else can.
  • We're all made of energy, and I think energy-healing will soon be the way of the future. 
  • Facilitating creative workshops is secretly on my mind...out goes the secret. 
  • Living through our truth (our soul-truth) is the heartbeat of it all. 

Thoughts for next week: Women Making an Impact

Big Hugs - J